Wisdom: Lost and Rediscovered- Jim Garrison

Wisdom: Lost and Rediscovered- Jim Garrison

Posted On: January 11, 2015
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What is wisdom? How is it distinct from knowledge, truth, logic and science? Is it gut feeling, heart-brain, neuro-cognitive short cuts, tapping into electromagnetic energy, consciousness, all of that or something else? How can we access and nurture our wisdom? How can we integrate it with the best of science and reason? Do they synergise or run in parallel or do they apply for different purposes? What would medicine (or psychiatry) be like if we accessed our wisdom? How do you envisage the world would be if we all learn to use our wisdom?

Western Science and philosophy evolved for a reason- partly because they work and improve our lives (trains, computers, medicine) and partly because they took us out of mediaeval tyranny of superstition, religious fundamentalism and serfdom. We obviously don’t want to go back to that but are becoming aware that we threw out a few babies with the bathwater. What made you first realise that we needed to re-establish wisdom in our way of life?

When we drop the rigor of science and reason, there’s a risk of falling back into superstitions and false beliefs which at best can be a waste of time, can be harmful. People have recommended all sorts of things based on their professed wisdom- coffee enemas, drinking your own urine, crystal pyramids…how do you discern what’s true from what’s wishful thinking, imaginary, delusional or manipulative?

Jim Garrison is president of Wisdom University, Founder and President of the Gorbachev Foundation (USA) and the State of the World Forum. In this interview, Jim sets out his vision to restore wisdom to a central place in our way of life. He describes wisdom and its relationship to science and reason. He discusses how wisdom can be used in medicine, politics and says he believes it’s essential to our survival.

Jim Garrison became president and chairman of Wisdom University on February 2, 2005. Dr. Garrison is also founder and president of the Gorbachev Foundation/USA, which set the stage for the establishment in 1995 of the State of the World Forum, a San Francisco based non-profit institution created to establish a global network of leaders dedicated to creating a more sustainable global civilization. With President Gorbachev as its convening chairman, the Forum brings leaders from around the world and representing a spectrum of disciplines to its annual and regional conferences, and has catalyzed the creation of several independent organizations.

Dr. Garrison was born in China and grew up in Taiwan. After returning to the US, he began college at Pepperdine University (1969-70), attended the University of Tel Aviv in 1972, and received a B.A. magna cum laude in World History from Santa Clara University (1973). He then received a double M.T.S. in Christology and History of Religion from Harvard Divinity School (1975), and a Ph.D. in Philosophical Theology from Cambridge University (1982).

Dr. Garrison published his first book in 1980, The Plutonium Culture (SCM). This was followed by The Darkness of God: Theology After Hiroshima (SCM/1982); The Russian Threat: Myths and Realities (Gateway Books/ 1983); The New Diplomats (Resurgence Press/1984); Civilization and the Transformation of Power (Paraview Press/2000); and America As Empire: Global Leader or Rogue Power? (Barrett Koehler/2004). Garrison is also active in Mosaic Networks, a business development company of which he is a founding partner.