The Future of Western Civilization Series 1, Book 4

The Future of Western Civilization Series 1, Book 4

Posted On: January 24, 2015
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How can we maximize human potential? How do ordinary citizens find solutions to intractable problems? Why should we practice mindfulness? What’s the future of Europe, the Euro and the European Union? How are masculinity, femininity and the family evolving? How does a hardline conservative make friends with a diehard liberal? How do we live in harmony with nature without economic collapse? What kind of leadership do we need in this age of transition? How can we use our consciousness and energy to create the future? Can we make our Civilization so attractive that others choose to become friends and allies?

Future of Western Civilization Series 1, Book 4

Unleashing Human Potential-Alignment, Energetics and Connection-Soleira Green

Wise Democracy-Discovering Solutions to Intractable Problems-Jim Rough

Mindfulness-Applications for Leaders and Clinicians-Dr Nicholas Beecroft

Evolutionary Leadership-Conscious Leadership in an Age of Transition-Peter Merry

The Future of Europe-A View from Inside the European Union-Helen Titchen Beeth

Ending the Culture War-A Devoted Conservative and a Die-hard Liberal Make Friends-Phil Neisser & Jacob Hess

The Future of Western Civilization Progress ReportDr Nicholas Beecroft interviewed by Melanie Mortiboys