Renaissance 2- Dr Robin Wood

Renaissance 2- Dr Robin Wood

Posted On: January 15, 2015
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Dr Robin Wood is Founder and CEO of the Renaissance 2 Foundation. Imagine living in a Solar Civilisation powered completely by renewable energy, with people living in resilient habitats in tune with nature, operated by enlightened enterprises, wise culture and conscious, integral leadership aligned with a full spectrum of healthy values. Robin believes that crisis catalyses evolution through creativity and that this is the best time ever to be alive.

In this interview with Dr Nicholas Beecroft, Robin shares his experience in helping thousands of business leaders and activists tune in to their passion and make their visions come true- to make money while doing good. Robin masters linking an encyclopedic knowledge of the big picture to the individual person and their business or mission. Robin describes his personal identification with Western Civilisation- what it means to him from his start as an anti-Apartheid activist, through consulting in silicon valley to the present day.

The discussion includes the leadership tools requires for a “transactivist” and Integral Leader; integrating the wisdom of Africa into the West; the evolution of capitalism, synergising competition and co-operation, rejuvenating democracy, re-inventing the sacred, the emerging leadership of the millennial generation and, finally, his personal impulse for evolution.


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