Evolutionary Leadership- Peter Merry

Evolutionary Leadership- Peter Merry

Posted On: January 21, 2015
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Peter Merry is an evolutionary leader who operates at the evolutionary edge of our civilisation. He has spent many years facilitating and leading change in a variety of organisations including traditional corporates and leading-edge transitional organisations. He has been pioneering the practical application of energetics and wisdom including the new technique of systemic energy tuning.  In this interview with Dr Nicholas Beecroft, Peter lays out his big picture vision for the state that were in, the painful death of an old civilisation, and the parallel emergence of a new one. He believes that we are best off if we put our energy fully into the creation and experimental emergence of this new civilisation. There is no guarantee of a positive outcome but there are enough signs of evolutionary change to be optimistic.

Peter strongly believes in the theory of Spiral Dynamics Integral which says that people will exhibit the values system appropriate to their own developmental stage, adapted to the life conditions in which they find themselves. At the leading edge, people are beginning to understand that we are truly connected as one whole living system which includes the Earth itself. Peter says that by making this perceptual shift we more easily understand the feedback which the Earth is giving us through, for example, climate change so as to enable us to live more in tune with life itself.

He believes that there is going to be a rebalancing of consciousness towards a more natural order with healthy, conscious expressions of masculinity and femininity, healthy hierarchies, healthy boundaries within an increasingly self organising living system.  By this, he does not mean a reactionary, traditionalist revival but rather a deeper tuning in to a true nature, fully lined with the underlying natural order. A more enlightened approach to science which integrates wisdom, intuition and complexity is going to be essential in that endeavour. Peter describes how we can integrate the shadow, dark parts of our consciousness as individuals and as a whole in order to liberate our full potential.

Peter describes how he uses the technique of systemic energy tuning to work with organisations to maximise the potential through aligning closely with life force and nature. He discusses how that might be applied to harness capitalism for good. Our  world has become so complex that to take a mechanical, problem-solving, reductionist approach becomes ever more complex and difficult. He believes that, amongst others, this technique is part of the simplicity on the other side of complexity.

Peter gives his view on the healthy integration of the fast-growing Islamic population in the Netherlands. He does not agree with the ethnocentric solutions offered by Geert Wilders and other “right wing” politicians. However he believes that they provide a useful service in bringing the attention of the previously complacent post-modern political elite to the need for Holland to have a healthy identity, strong structures and conscious, world-centric strategies to make a success out of immigration whilst defending democracy, freedom and pluralism. He is optimistic that the Netherlands will provide a positive role model for other countries in this respect.


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A good recent introduction to where Peter is at now with his thinking and practice can be found here: The Pain and the Promise – Peter Merry – Keynote.