Leadership with Integrity- Living Your Values- Mary Gentile

Leadership with Integrity- Living Your Values- Mary Gentile

Posted On: January 10, 2015
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If you already knew what was the right thing to do, how could you get it done? What kinds of stories, persuasion, strategies would you use? How can you effectively stand up for your values when pressured by your boss, colleagues, customers, or shareholders to do the opposite?

Mary Gentile has spent 3 decades asking and answering this question around the world. Mary talks abut how her educational programme is empowering people to act on their values and to make their vision reality. She discussed how this applies in the financial crisis. She talks about the potential application to politics and how a values based approach can provide a constructive way forward in very emotionally charged conflicts. She describes how she navigates complexity- coexisting in the traditional, modern and postmodern worlds, how she deals with political correctness, absolutism and relativism. Above all, she shares her story on how individuals can be empowered to make their contribution to evolving our civilisation for the better.

Mary Gentile is the Creator and Director of Giving Voice to Values Programme which is taught at well over 100 business schools globally and Senior Research Scholar at Babson College in Boston. Previously Professor at Harvard Business School, consultant on management education and leadership development, she is the author of numerous books and articles, including Giving Voice to Values, how to speak your mind when you know what’s right.

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