German Identity and Patriotism: Adrian Wagner

German Identity and Patriotism: Adrian Wagner

Posted On: January 16, 2015
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Adrian is an emerging German leader. Aged 26, from the Millennial Generation”X,” he writes on social transformation and integral consciousness. In this interview, he discusses German Identity and Patriotism; the state of German consciousness, it’s healing and integration. He sets out his highest vision for Germany, the West and Global civilisation.

He begins with his personal journey from what he calls a “liberal-left” to an integral consciousness. He describes his experience of processing the shadow cast by the Nazi period and coming to a more healthy, integrated and positive modern German identity and patriotism. Adrian believes that we need a positive, healthy national consciousness alongside our global, personal and other identities.

We discuss what constitutes the boundary between a positive patriotism and a darker nationalism and racism. He brilliantly describes the role of healthy boundaries, self-confidence and assertiveness from the individual level to the national level. We test out how this applies to multiculturalism and in particular the integration of the Turkish diaspora into Germany. Does he agree with Chancellor Merkel said that “Multikulti” had failed.

What’s a better, more positive vision for the future? Adrian gives his view on how Germany can assume its leadership role in Europe, particularly in the context of the Euro crisis. He finishes with his perspective on the British-German relationship.

Adrian Wagner is someone to watch. Whatever path he follows, it’ll be something very interesting and transformational. At age 26, he is already writing on cultural transformation, values and integral world views. He trained in Spiral Dynamics with Don Beck, Theory U with Otto Scharmer, Tai Chi practice in India and at the end of his degree in Social Work. He participated in Field studies in value systems in the Middle East, India and the Philippines.  Currently Adrian is developing with friends the YouthLeaders Program in the “Karma Youth” Project in Germany. He is studying Voice Dialogue with Cordula Mears-Frei and working as a freelancer for several Magazines related to Social Threefolding, integral Theory and Anthroposophy in a postmodern context.