Future of Western Civilization Series 1, Book 3

Future of Western Civilization Series 1, Book 3

Posted On: January 25, 2015
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What do the generational cycles of the past predict about the future? What techniques can we use to catalyze change?
 How do successful countries harness the aspirations of their people? 
Can Christianity rise to the challenge of materialism, secularism and Islam? How are young Germans rediscovering healthy patriotism? 
How can power be loving and empowering?
 What disruptive technologies will change our way of life? How do we bring compassion and healing back into medicine? How do we escape the recession?
 Which innovations in finance will transform our culture?

Future of Western Civilization Series 1, Book 3

Generational Cycles-Predicting the Future-Neil Howe

Catalyzing Change-Engaging Emergence-Peggy Holman

Successful Nations-Harnessing the Aspirations of the People-Richard Barrett

Resurrecting Christianity-Rising to the Challenges of a Complex World-Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

German Identity & Patriotism-Healing the Wounds, Integrating the Shadow-Adrian Wagner

Compassionate Healthcare-Re-humanising Medicine-Dr Robin Youngson

New Money-The Evolution of Finance-Jordan MacLeod