Caring For Care Homes- A Transformational Culture Change

Caring For Care Homes- A Transformational Culture Change

Posted On: January 15, 2015
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Caring For Care Homes are an inspiring team whose social enterprise transforms care homes into heavenly care homes which aim for a high standard of life for elders in residential care. They promote an ethos of love, compassion and genuinely valuing people- the residents, the staff, the relatives and the community. They take the leaders, owners and staff through a 3 month transformational programme of individual growth and organisational culture change. They use the latest tools of personal transformation, leadership development and culture change to make Care Homes the kind of place we’d look forward to living in ourselves and where we’d be happy to place our loved ones.

They seek to integrate Care Homes with the community including the families, schools, businesses and the wider community. They believe that we should all plan for our old age so as to maximise our chances of being fit enough to enjoy it and to ensure that the best social and business structures are in place to deliver the care we’ll need within a reasonable budget. Between them, they have a wealth of experience and some inspirational vision. In this programme, the team of Georgeanne Lamont, Peter Smith, Angeline Ruredzo, Steve Boley and Masana De Souza are interviewed by Melanie Mortiboys and Nicholas Beecroft as part of the series “Exploring the Future of Western Civilisation” of which we hope that heavenly Care Homes are to be a part.

They say, “Imagine a care home where you go in and you see people living life fully.

Living: Whether they are still very active or frail, they are involved with life and living it as fully as they are able, not just sitting round the edge of the room numbed out gazing at a TV. However limited they may be in their ability, they are using the resources they have, be it in the kitchen, with an animal, in the garden or laundry, with another person, writing or listening to music.

Loving: You see people loving , connecting with each other and caring, pouring out a cup of tea for one another, listening to each other, being patient and kind, giving each other positive surprises like a note of thanks or simply saying thank you.

Laughing: You see people laughing with one another : cheerfulness, smiles, fun and laughter are part of what makes life sweet. Never laughing at someone but often laughing with someone brings a sense of happiness. Laughter lightens the load and makes the whole business of growing older much happier.

Learning: Curiosity and love of learning keep us young. Learning everyday something new be it about someone’s life in the past, or hopes for the future, some new facts, some new aspects of care; being involved in the U3A or finally studying for that OU degree; doing crosswords, using the internet, actively using our brains to learn and share.

Together creating truly great care for older people

We are passionate about ensuring that the care of older people is truly great care. Older people are not an industry – they are our mums and dads and one day they will be us. What sort of care do we want for those we love and for ourselves?

Caring for Care Homes is dedicated to doing just what it says. If we take good care of the care homes and their staff, they in turn can take good care of residents.

We believe that the last years of our lives should be some of the best years — and are committed to helping care homes to be great places to live and great places to work — homes where both residents and staff can live, love, laugh and learn everyday. And we see care homes being a central part of the community with strong intergenerational links.”

Many care homes are doing a wonderful job. To support them in delivering the very best of care we provide tailor made transformational programmes that ensure they have the best staff giving the very best care.”