Future of Western Civilization Series 1, Book 1

Future of Western Civilization Series 1, Book 1

Posted On: January 25, 2015
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Who are we? Where are we going? How can we survive and thrive in this complex and competitive world? How can we boost our cultural confidence? Can we be patriotic, open, diverse and global at the same time? How do we harness capitalism to get what we really want? How do we remain free and safe whilst Islam undergoes its global awakening? Can politics integrate the best of all shades of opinion? How do we create Heaven on Earth? What can our culture learn from the science of fields, energy and consciousness? How do we make the welfare state fair to taxpayers and empowering to recipients? If you already know the right thing to do, how do you make it happen? Can we make globalisation democratic How should we combine wisdom with science? What would life be like if science assumed that the universe is a conscious living system? How do successful organizations unlock the productivity and potential of their people?

Future of Western Civilization Series 1, Book 1

Introduction to the SeriesDr Nicholas Beecroft interviewed by Melanie Mortiboys

British PatriotismA Newcomer’s Perspective-William Nkata Masembe

The Next Big ShiftFrom Machine to Living System-Dr Nicholas Beecroft

Global Simultaneous Policy Making-Bottom-Up Global Policy-John Bunzl

The Future of CapitalismGetting What We Really WantJon Freeman

Transpartisan Politics-The Power of Integrating Diversity-Joseph McCormick

Creating Heaven on Earth-Taking Small Steps in the Right Direction-Martin Rutte

Bonds, Fields and IntentionsCulture Catches Up with Science-Lynne McTaggart

Leadership with IntegrityHow to be True to Yourself-Dr Mary Gentile

Wisdom-Lost and Rediscovered-Professor Jim Garrison

The Living Universe-Bringing Science, Finance and Society to Life-Dr Elisabet Sahtouris

Organizational Democracy-10 Steps to Democratic Culture and Leadership-Traci Fenton